Chevron Texaco Credit Card

Soon it probably won't matter whether you have a vehicle or not, you are going to need to have a gas card if you want to ride with someone. As the economy gets worse and likely never better, people are going to have to become creative in figuring out how they are going to solve their own problems. As the gasoline prices increase steadily every summer around the nation, people will be looking forward to saving gas money during other times of the year if they plan to take a lot of trips over the approaching summer. It doesn't make sense now, but over time it's probably going to become such a common thing that everyone who travels will have some type of gas card they would like to get rewarded on.

Two top gasoline merchants have teamed up to offer one such gasoline card solution for everyone across the nation. Chevron and Texaco, came together to present the Chevron Texaco Credit Card. What they don't really tell you is that they have two versions of the card. They have the original option and then they have the premier option. The Premier option is really the one that has all the extra benefits that everyone wants from the Chevron Texaco Credit Card.


When you apply for the Chevron Texaco Credit Card you are actually applying for the premier version whether you know it or not. Then, if you aren't approved for the premier card, they automatically run your credit again for the original card. Hopefully you get at least one of those approved or else you now have two inquires on your credit report and two denials as well for your troubles. If you do get approved for the Chevron Texaco Credit Card-Premier, you will have some very nice benefits even though they are few. The benefits are designed or travelers, of course since you would be likely using gasoline to make your travels a reality one way or another. The biggest draw for attention of this rewards card is the 50% taken off of the hotel prices when you use your Chevron Texaco Credit Card. The problem is though, that you aren't going to really know which hotels are included in that deal until you have already been accepted. However, there must be some pretty decent hotels there because nobody seems to be complaining about it.

The other big draw of course, is the savings that you get off of the gasoline purchases. They are giving you 30¢ per gallon purchased with your card in fuel credits to be used in the future with your Chevron Texaco Credit Card. This special deal though is only for the first 60 days that you have your Chevron Texaco Credit Card and unfortunately there is a maximum of $300 that you can be able to get as a credit on that promotion. Why are there always limits on the promotions that they offer? I would seem that they would get even more people if they didn't put a cap on how much people could get rewarded when there are obviously some people who buy much more gasoline than others. If you are like the many others who still believe that it's a great deal even if for only 60 days, by all means take advantage of the apply button on the top right of this page and apply for the Chevron Texaco Credit Card.